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Moorman’s Towing & Body Shop Has An Impressive Heavy-Duty Fleet, Featuring Rotators Ranging From 20-Ton To 75-Ton

Our heavy-duty towing services include everything, from simple breakdowns to roadside accidents. We have a diverse clientele, comprising trucking companies, dealerships, refuse companies, municipalities, and a lot more. You can count on our 24/7 heavy-duty towing services for all your heavy trucking needs. Our team of trained professionals is equipped to handle the heavy machinery and will tow your commercial vehicle effortlessly.

At Moorman’s Towing & Body Shop, we’ve got a fleet of heavy-duty wreckers suitable for towing, lifting, and pulling commercial vehicles and equipment safely and transporting them. Our advanced equipment and machinery allows us to recover large vehicles, such as mobile cranes, tractor-trailers, transport trailer combinations, and cement trucks, minimizing traffic blockage during the process.

In addition to this, we also use specialty equipment and heavy-response trailers for major incidents. In these scenarios, our operators continue to upright the vehicles without offloading the cargo.

Our professionals efficiently handle load shifting and cargo unloading, using equipment such as skid steers, all-terrain loaders, mobile loading docks, tractors, and articulating boom loaders for transferring items. Our storage facility accommodates trailers, cargo, and tractors, and is video-monitored to ensure maximum security.

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